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[IP] High Post Prandials

     I recently experienced something similar.  It turned out my carb to 
     insulin ration changed drastically.  It went from 18g to 1 unit down 
     to 12-13g per unit. Wasn't sick, no infection and felt about the same 
     as always. MY doc told me sometimes things change. Redoing that ratio 
     stopped most of those post meal highs, other than those random ones 
     which occationally happen regardless of all the calculation in the 
     Date: Sun, 04 Jun 2000 19:47:08 CDT
     From: "Dianne De Mink" <email @ redacted>
     Subject: [IP] High Post Prandials
     Greetings -
     High post prandials for the past week (changed sites several times) 
     make me 
     wonder about absorption.  My  basal rates were fine - for awhile- mine 
     to change with the seasons - but now 2 hours after a meal I'm running 
     200 and even though it comes down a little after that it doesn't come 
     to anything like normal - maybe 165  4 hours later.  My appetite has 
     decreased (due to elevated BG) and I'm losing weight.  I'm afraid to 
     eat for 
     fear the BG will be totally out of control.  My endo won't talk to me 
     without an appointment and I'm just wondering how site absorption 
     work.  I seem to have a more than adequate amount of body fat, but 
     that good for Subcutaneous infusion?  Am looking for someone to help 
     think this through.
     Please email any thoughts to me at email @ redacted - as well as 
     IP list.  (I take the digest and sometimes miss posts.)  Thanks.
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