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[IP] Weight Loss Surgery

What Cyn is referring to witht he weight loss surgery is what they used to 
call stomach stapeling.  Now it's called a Gastric Bipass, where they either 
remove most of your stomach or section it off so that there is only room 3-4 
oz of food etc.  They then re-route your small intestine, to a degree, so 
that you don't digest as much food, and what you do digest is more towards 
the bottom part of the intestine.  You can lose a tremendous amount of weight 
very fast with this.  One of the draw backs with not diegestingt he food is 
that you don't get the vitamins you need, there are other side effect etc but 
it's too much to get into.  Within the first 3 months after the surgery you 
can/will lose half of the weight you need to reach your deisred rate.  
Normally you must be at least 100 pounds or more over weight and have a BMI 
of 40 plus.  That's in a nutshell.
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