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[IP] 34 hr unine test

Our jewel, Ginny wrote: What can you tell from 24 hr urine collection? How
much protein is being lost from your kidneys every 24 hours, an index as to
how much kidney damage there is A dipstick only tells you what is going on
at that moment in time. Kidney's putout more protein at times, less at
others , this test averages it over 24 hours. The amount is also significant
only as to the waste removal ability of the kidney known as creatinine
clearance. The amount you go is almost always related to the amount your
drink unless your kidneys aren't doing what they should. Better to do the
test in the winter when the jug of pee can be kept outside (Well, I guess
that isn't a big thing in warm Georgia) The hardest part of the test is to
remember you're doing it and not to pee without collecting it. Good CDE's
are better than good endo's, they listen.

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