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Re: [IP] Diabetes and Anxiety

I also don't understand a therapist's strategy of relieving anxiety by 
provoking it.  In other words, by leaving your desk without a quick source of 
sugar available, you are bound to be more anxious; and appropriately so.  As 
a mom, knowing I have my stash of gel, tabs and juice, reassures me that we 
are prepared to quickly deal with a low and avoid a crisis.  My advice would 
be to take carry the sugar, and then realize that you have done everything 
you can, and temporarily forget about it.
I am assuming this doctor is not diabetic.  When my daughter wanted to talk 
to someone, I got the name of a therapist from her endo who has a diabetic 
wife.  He knows what it is like.  The terror and worry.  And the potential 
consequences.  And the sense of being out of control and vulnerable to an 
unexpected "attack" on the mind and body.  He has baskets of hard candy in 
his waiting room and office for lows.  The more I am at this diabetic game, 
the more I realize that most people don't understand it unless they are 
either diabetic or live with it in their family.  good luck
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