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Re: [IP] out of comfort zone

In a message dated 6/4/00 10:42:34 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<<  I think when he gets away from the rigors of the home routine, 
 he wants the "freedom" to last as long as possible. >>
   Excellent reply to Robin. One of the trickier parts of parenting a child 
with diabetes is turning over our initial "micro-management" of the diabetes 
to our child, & convincing them that we do have trust in their ability to 
self-manage....even if we're lying through our shaky teeth when we say so!!! 
   I have found that the #1 "checks & balances" system that best ensures that 
Melissa does what's necessary is simply how she feels. She always checks when 
she doesn't "feel right" & bgs in the 200s DON'T feel right. She drove 
herself to a distant party the other night, probably ate too much junk food & 
underbolused, checked before she came home & was in the low 300s - bolused 6 
units- and an hour later hadn't dropped at all- which does happen when her 
bgs hit that level. Nonetheless, 30 minutes later, she decided to "play it 
safe" & change out the site "just in case"...and take a few more 
units......She awoke with a bg of 112 the next day. My input was nil, other 
than to concur with her "game plan", and praise her decision-making skills. 
  Keep in mind though that we've just passed month 50 on the pump, and 
although the learning curve is fairly flat now, there's still LOTS more she 
could be doing - and hopefully will do so, as she matures.

Regards, Renee ( pump-mom)
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