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Re: [IP] 24 hr urine test questions

In a message dated 6/4/00 10:31:41 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< As far as color and amount >>
Since my 17 yr old has done about a dozen of these 24 hour urines by now, 
we've run the gamut of colors & amounts! LOL...She's ranged from a low of 
under 1000 ml to a high of 1800 because she was drinking a lot of water that 
day....Color obviously reflects the degree of concentration...but the 
critical element is the total amount of protein excreted within that 24 
   Cute sidebar story:....A few years ago, we were in the lab admissions area 
once dropping off the 24 hr collection & this adorable young college guy was 
entering our insurance info...when he asked why Melissa was doing the test, 
she said "diabetes", at which point he replied" don't you just hate it when 
you do the entire test & then forget the next morning & pee in the 
toilet?"....Could have knocked her over with a feather! Naturally, he was 
diabetic & we had a nice chat about the pump (which he wasn't on), 
etc.....Small world..

Regards, Renee ( pump mom)
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