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Re: [IP] Basal question

> How long before a rise or drop in blood sugar should the basal rates be 
> changed?  When I check my son's blood sugar at 2am he is usually okay but 
> then by 6am he is low.  Thanks for helping a newbie!  :)

Please review the sections in Pumping Insulin on basal changes, the HOWTO 
pages of the web site and talk to your medical team.

There is also a basal profile estimator on the HOWTO page that will give 
you some idea of what changes might look like.

You need good repeatable data points at least every two hours before 
attempting basal adjustments. These do not have to be taken all in one 
set of measurements, but can be a composite taken over several days. 
Absent some nice tool like a recording glucometer, stagger the 
measurements so that overlapping days occur every hour. There is much 
more info in the HOWTO's and Pumping Insulin.

My daughter starts basal insulin one hour before she wants it to take 
effect (Humalog), it used to be two hours (regular). YMMV

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