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Re: [IP] out of comfort zone

robin and cindy...

I think that you might be afraid of the 'what if' that may not be such a BIG
'what if'.

you could print up  little cards with ratios for bolusing.  we have three
that list the carb amount and what to bolus.  they are printed out to be the
size of a deck of cards and we laminated them.  (microsoft excell) geneva
puts them in her pocket or purse.

when she eats out...she just pulls out the cards,  looks up the carb amount
and boluses accordingly.

when she does sleepovers,  she tests at bedtime.  she then corrects to
140....a safe number for her to sleep .  then we don't worry about middle of
night crashes.

she awakens and knows to correct to 100.

the worst case was when she forgot to test/call at night and she was 250 the
next am.  I don't worry about these once in awhile numbers because I know
she loves her freedom to do what other 11 yr. old girls do!  sleepovers are
almost a regular thing for her each weekend now.

she just returned from a girl scout disneyland trip.  two nights. I was a
cell call away and she never bothered to call. she tested at all meals and
used her carb cards.  she forgot to test one night and awoke to a number of
270.  no biggy.  the best part of this pump is that she can CORRECT!!!

her first sleepover was scary, but it turned out fine.  sometimes you just
have to take a chance and go with it.

if you choose a higher target, then perhaps you won't be so nervous.
130-150 is fine by us in these situations.

 try to get the friend  with whom your child is sleeping to remind him/her
to call you or test at bedtime.  once his/her basals are fined tuned enough,
you will be able to correct at 11 pm and pretty much be assured of "through
the night" levels that are acceptable. (except during a big growth
spurt...but.......oh well.)

mom to geneva,  who has now done numerous sleepovers with several highs and
lows.  and who is about to embark on her first 12 day non diabetic camp in

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