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[IP] Re: A Normal Life

<part of original post>
<WHAT is a normal life???? Every person in this whole world has a
DIFFERENT life, and a lot of people are struggling with a lot of
difficulties, even if you don't see their struggles.>

Natalie, I couldn't agree more. I think that we can fall into a trap by
feeling sorry for ourselves all the time. I'm not saying that on
occasion I don't fall into the same trap--of course I do (esp. when I
was in danger of being blind in both eyes because of diabetic
retinopathy; or 3 years ago, when after a so-called "routine" surgery
for a herniated disc in my neck, I lost the nerves--permanently--for my
left triceps, most of my right triceps, and many functions of my hands
and fingers. I used to play the piano, etc., and now can't play even a
chord or do lots of simple things). But, first, there is always someone
worse off than we are; and second, I believe that all of us are here for
a purpose--and instead of focusing on what we can't do, we should focus
on what we can do! And finally, for me I believe that this life is not
all there is, and that in eternity things will be quite different! I
realize not all will agree with the last point, but hopefully we will
agree that our attitude is 90% of what defines us, not our incapacities.
Some people have great joy (and are a joy to be around) even though they
have severe illnesses or limitations; and others (who are afflicted with
far less) are simply grouchy and complaining all the time.

I continually resolve to be in the first group (though occasionally I
slip into the second group!). It's a conscious choice we make that has
little to do with what particular affliction we have.

Thanks for your post, Natalie, and sorry for the length of mine!


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