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Re: [IP] out of comfort zone


I know you asked for parents, so I will attempt to respond for my parents, 
since they are not members of the list but we have talked at great lengths 
about my childhood ( dx age 2 ) at great lengths.

Back in my days growing up there were no meters, no carb counting, no pumps 
etc.  It was urine testing, one or two insulins, class cartridge and 
stainless steel needle that needed to be boiled.  I had to eat at the exact 
same time every day and the exact same amount of food.

I know my parents let me do sleep overs and I also know now how worried 
they were.  Shoot, they were terrified every time I went out to play.  They 
had to fight to let me do PE in school.  They didn't have to explain nearly 
as much as you do now, but they told the other parents, well if she starts 
behaving weird or goes hide in a closet ( one of my signs that I was low ) 
give her OJ.  Yes, only OJ.  :-)  They would bring over the pan to boil the 
cartridge and needle.  They would bring over my urine testing stuff.  They 
would tell them not to allow me to eat any sugar at all.

I guess what I am trying to say, 37 years later, is no I don't think you're 
over-doing it.  As a parent you're doing the best you can.  I just believe 
that kids now a day with diabetes can lead a more "normal" life than when I 
was a kid with diabetes.  Does this make you were any less, heck no.  Shoot 
my parents still worry about me, I think it's only natural or should I say 

The stories my parents share with, makes my heart sink.  All the care, 
love, and concern that went into raising me.  But thanks to them and 
parents like you, I am still here and kicking, well most days.  :-)

Fran, who thinks you might want to say yes.

>Does anyone else (parent) feel this way or am I just over-doing it? It is a
>lot for me to explain to a parent about his carb:insulin ratio and taking
>into account exercise, and make sure he turns off if he is doing a lot of
>activity BUT I want him to have a life! ha ha.

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