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Re: [IP] out of comfort zone

>I hope I'm not the only one...
>Kevin is 12 and since his dx, I am very cautious about him going over to
>friends houses for very long AND he hasnt slept anywhere but home. I am VERY
>good about him having friends here for the day or to sleep over, however.
>My dilemna is that he is getting more and more invites, and it is getting
>harder to say NO so much or have the child at my house. I'm taking off the
>summer again and I love that.  Kevin is so unpredictable when it comes to
>exercise and with his ADHD he isnt always thinking like he should.  When he
>is with friends, he needs many reminders to check or turn off the pump to do
>this or that...and I'm scared I guess.
>Does anyone else (parent) feel this way or am I just over-doing it? It is a
>lot for me to explain to a parent about his carb:insulin ratio and taking
>into account exercise, and make sure he turns off if he is doing a lot of
>activity BUT I want him to have a life! ha ha.
>Sorry if I blabber to long...just worried about him.
>Mom to Kevin, 12, dx 12/98
>pumping since 5/99


We have dealt with the same dilemma.  It's a lot to ask of other 
parents to understand all the dynamics of the care required.  We have 
found what works best is Noah calls us after he tests and eats and we 
help him count carbs and determine boluses.  We also find out how 
much physical activity he has had to factor that in as well.  He, 
too, sometimes gets caught up in having fun and forgets to take care 
of business.  We do ask the parents to remind him to test before he 
eats.  This then also serves as a reminder that he needs to call us. 
There have been times that he hasn't called and we have had to call 
him.  I think when he gets away from the rigors of the home routine, 
he wants the "freedom" to last as long as possible.  Can't blame him 
for that.  For the most part, he is very responsible.  He understands 
the importance of managing his disease.  He has also gone on day 
trips to amusement parks and camping trips with other families.  We 
simply send our cell phone with him and he "checks in" four or more 
times a day. It's difficult to let him go.  I worry each and every 
time.  But I want his life to be as typical as possible for a 13 y.o.

Maybe a first overnight could be at a friend's who are close family 
friends. A family who would understand the concern and numerous phone 
calls, etc. That's how we started with Noah and progressed from 
there.  Last summer he spent a week at a non-diabetic camp with a 
friend and did fine with only checking in twice a day.  There was a 
nurse on duty full time who we had met with and gave her a eheck 
list, but no problems occurred and he had the time of his life!

Good luck with your son.  I know it will work out because you have 
his best interests at heart.


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