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Re: [IP] 24 hr urine test questions

I am in the middle of a 24 hr urine test..I have never had one done before.
How much is usually collected? and what can they tell by it? Does color
mean anything? I have to take it in and then also have blood work for
creatinine and other things when I drop it off. What will it show the
doctor if it isn't normal?
Thanks for answers in advance. I have just a good new CDE..I never have had
one of these done before.just a urine stick and she explained that the
stick dip doesn;t tell the whole story. And that all people with diabetes
should have a 24 hr urine test once a year unless there are problems that
show up. I don't ususally go that much even though i drink alot of water.
Is that bad?

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