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Re: [IP] Re: Hospital care

You are very fortunate. It was very difficult because my dad has
Parkinson's on both sides and he is very tired..Mom was not aware because
she had sadly an an adverse response to the anesthesia which the doc never
addressed with them because he conviently wasn't around and mom could not
speak up for herself so my sister and dad had to take turns and my mom's
diabetes care was crappy. ( My mom has permanent brain damage now so we
still have to help her with her insulin and remind her) BTW, This is the
hospital in thier area so they don't have much choice. Mom spent 4 months
in a physical rehab place and had similar problems there.  I know this
happens alot so I guess you have alot to be thankful for. Where I live when
I had to go to ER and I was aware what was going on the first thing they
demanded was I remove my pump..Sorry...I told them no..and asked if they
ever had a patient with a pump there and they said no. I told them to call
my doc and he set them straight and since then they have had an inservice
about pumping. It is not easy while being in the hospital to deal with
diabetes. We have had several stories on here before..mine isn't the first
one. I am very thankful you have had such a great experience..we have not
and continue not to with the hospital. 
Ginny, Beamer, Blue and Sparkles :) 
email @ redacted

At 01:23 PM 06/03/2000 -0400, you wrote:
>Ginny wrote:
><<If you do an article see how well your diabetes is watched and taken care
>That would be my concern after watching how terribly lax the medical staff
>was with my mom who is not able to speak up for herself. Either my dad or
>my sister had to be there to remind them to give mom her insulin before she
>ate. She usually got it 2 hours after she ate..>>
>Wow, I'm surprised.  Must have just been the hospital.  When I was in for
>surgery a few years ago, they kept right up on my diabetes, came in and
>poked for bgs regularly and never missed a shot.  And, I kept an eye on it
>all too.  My experience was very positive and I've got to hand it to all the
>nurses who cared for me, they were always right on the ball, and very nice
>about it all too.
>RoseLea and Max, a team now!

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