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Re: [IP] mini med vs disetronic

Hi Pam,
I've only been pumping for a short time, but went through some of the issues you are looking at. There are no CDE's in Hawaii that are trained in the use and education of the disetronic pump.  As both a new pumper and a recently diagnosed type 1.5, it was important for me to have a resource locally for questions and help.  I was told that I'd have to go to California for training on the diestronic and that I'd have to use a California CDE for help.  That was awkward.  I did like the MiniMed 508 on looks because it didn't look like a medical device and the remote control is super!
I occasionally swim both in our pool and in the ocean (or spend a day at the water park) and find that the sillouette disconnection is best.  I just keep track of the time and test periodically - reconnect if needed and do a quick bolus, disconnect and keep going.
My CDE said that the waterproof container for the MM is not perfectly reliable - works good for sports like canoeing/boating, but for lap swimming, she recommended removal.
Best of luck!
Tom Wellman
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Subject: [IP] mini med vs disetronic

I'm new here and not yet a pumper but hope to be soon if insurance will cover it. I am concerned about choosing the right pump. I originally had wanted the disetronic due to it's waterproof capabilities but then the new mini med has a remote. Has anyone used the sports pak with the mini med and found that it is waterproof? We have a pool and are in the water quite a bit in the summer. Anothe concern is that there is no local provider for disetronic supplies in my area (Oklahoma) so I would have to order from California, or so I am told by my insurance carrier. That means I would really have to stay on top of keeping up with my supplies. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. This is a big decision for me since it will be a big mpact on my lifestyle.