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Re: [IP] Diabetes and Anxiety

Today I was very happy that I KNEW to ALWAYS have a carb source with me!  As 
I have said before, I always have one with me.  Anyway, today in the choir 
loft I was feeling quite woozy.  Sometimes I can feel that way also with a 
high.  Anyway, remembering what my physician told me long ago.  If you are 
thinking you are low and feeling that way, you probably are low.  Does that 
make sense?  Normally I never even think about being low.  Anyway, luckily I 
had brought a juice box up to the choir loft (as always) sat down while the 
rest were still singing the hymn and sucked that juice box empty before the 
last verse of the song was over.  Put the box away and stood for the anthem.  
Did I do the right thing?  You bet!  When church was over 45 min. later, my 
bg was 107!
The people who sit around me in choir know to be aware of my problems.  I 
could give them the hi-sign that I was ok.  Another reason why it is 
important for the people we are with to know about our DM.  They are always 
very understanding when there may be a problem.  This is the 1st time I've 
had to have juice during a service.  Always, Always have something with you.  
Have a good day and keep on keeping on!   Jackie P
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