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[IP] Good HgA1C?

Hello everyone,
    I'm Rosemary. Been diabetic since age 10, 35 years already, and just got
my Mini-med 507-C last July of "99.  I really do like it and the extra
freedom that goes with it, but can someone tell me what is a good HgA1C for
insulin-dependent diabetics?? Is it as open to opinion as everything else
depending on whom you see for your diabetes? I thought I'd heard 7 is great
for diabetics, and I know my endo from North Carolina put me on the pump
because of the frequency of my hypos without awareness, in fact, she stated
last spring that since my HgA1C was at 4, that was way too low for a
diabetic as it's low for even non-diabetics? Is that true? What number are
most of you happy with? Please let me know, I'm learning more and more each
day as I read these messages from fellow pumpers! Thanks!
    Rosemary K

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