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[IP] Has this happened to anyone........................

Was just curious if this has happened to you.  My sugars have been much 
higher then normal.  I am on a basal rate of 1.7 and 1 unit of insulin to 8 
carbs.  For example last night had turkey kielbasa stir fry with 1/2 cup of 
cooked rice. Bolused 5 units for the meal and a high bolus of 4.2 (1 unit 
drops me 15).  Was 185 before dinner, 2 hours later was 144, then without 
eating 1 hour later was 160.  Then today for breakfast had 2 eggs and a 
lenders bagel (with cream cheese, and cheese in the omelet).  Bolused 5 units 
for that and .2 for the few points above target.  Well, thinking that all 
would be good 2 hours later was 171.  And one hour later 165.  I go back to 
the doctor Wednesday, so will do some refining I guess.  Hope to hear from 
you .

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