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Re: [IP] Diabetes and Anxiety

Jeannie wrote:

<<Oh yes it is pump related.  Makes me feel great to think I'm not the only
neurotic one <VBG>.  You see. . . . if we're all neurotic, then we'll all
make our own version of NORMAL together!!!  Let me guess . . . this
has never seen a bg meter read "lo".>>

And I think that this therapist doesn't have a clue about diabetes.  I can't
believe that she would recommend that email @ redacted go anywhere without
taking some kind of back-up glucose and a meter with her.  That's just plain
foolish in MY eyes!  I don't consider myself to be neurotic about my
diabetes, I'm just very careful.  This "therapist" also probably has never
come to in a car not knowing where she's been or how she got there either.
If some "therapist" advised me to forget about my diabetes, I'd look for a
new therapist or give em up all together!  That advice might cause great
harm to myself or someone else!  Sheesh.

RoseLea and Max, living life to the max!

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