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[IP] A Normal Life

Fran Baumgartner wrote:
> I don't believe it is possible to lead a normal life
> with diabetes, and I will probably get reamed for that, but remember these
> are my feelings and I believe them, so please respect them.  To me there is
> just nothing normal about diabetes.  Granted I don't have a clue what it's
> like without diabetes so I make my statements based on living my entire
> life with a chronic disease.

I respect your feelings, and this is NOT a reaming, but I think it's
worthwhile to explore the basis for the feelings, and if possible, gain
some insight into yourself. 

WHAT is a normal life????

Every person in this whole world has a DIFFERENT life, and a lot of
people are struggling with a lot of difficulties, even if you don't see
their struggles. 

Yes, if you have diabetes, you struggle, and it may not be apparent to
others, which is sometimes pretty frustrating, but their struggles are
equally invisible to us. 

I've worked with mentally retarded kids, uneducated kids from Mexico and
Salvador, brilliant kids from both affluent and impoverished families,
abused kids, drug addicts, war refugees, children with chronic
illnesses, kids with psychiatric illnesses, jocks, cheerleaders,
religious kids, pagans -- you name it.  

The unifying thread is that they ALL are dealing with various things in
their lives, some of which give them great joy and some of which give
them great grief. 

The ones who deal most successfully with life are those who focus on the
joys and push through the griefs. 

The joys are there: do you have a supportive spouse? Parents? Siblings?
Children? Do you have enough money that your medical needs can be paid
for without impoverishing your family? Do you have a nice home to live
in? Good food to eat? Do you have activities you enjoy? And the money to
participate in them? Are you grateful for life itself? 

It's no use to imagine a "normal life", because it truly doesn't exist.
Your only choice is to play the hand you were dealt -- and remember NO
one gets a perfect hand!

Take care, Fran, and my prayers are with you. 


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