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Re: [IP] mini med vs disetronic

Pam, I took a year to make my decision to go with Disetronic.  Mini-Med was just a little too slick for me.  I got promotional material from both companies, joined Pumpers for a year and listened, and then I MADE MY OWN decision.  I went with Disetronic because:

We are active, travel internationally, and live in MN.

Travel:  Disetronic is solid, reliable, and simple.  You get two pumps for the cost of one.  If I am in the Amazon jungle and a pump fails (highly unlikely), if have a spare.

Activity:  I do all things with my pump on, shower, pool, ocean, waves, snorkel, sex.  No problem.

Local Access:  Disetronic USA is located in St. Paul, MN.  No problem.  But now that I have the pump, I buy nothing from them.  I have a mail order firm in MN that supplies all pump supplies, all testing supplies, and prescription drugs, including insulin.  They bill BOTH insurance companies.  I never touch a piece of paper.  Anyway, Disetronic has a web site and you can order online.

Hope this helps.


At 10:01 AM 6/4/00 -0500, you wrote:
I'm new here and not yet a pumper but hope to be soon if insurance will cover it. I am concerned about choosing the right pump. I originally had wanted the disetronic due to it's waterproof capabilities but then the new mini med has a remote. Has anyone used the sports pak with the mini med and found that it is waterproof? We have a pool and are in the water quite a bit in the summer. Anothe concern is that there is no local provider for disetronic supplies in my area (Oklahoma) so I would have to order from California, or so I am told by my insurance carrier. That means I would really have to stay on top of keeping up with my supplies. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. This is a big decision for me since it will be a big mpact on my lifestyle.

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