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Re: [IP] Diabetes and Anxiety

In a message dated 06/02/2000 1:26:10 PM US Mountain Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< One of the goals just set today was to leave my desk area WITHOUT going 
through the thought process of what I ate last, how much insulin I took and 
what the probability of a hypo occuring before I returned, and not taking 
provisions of lifesavers or money for vending with me at all times. >>

Sorry, but this still scares the *(&^** out of me!  and I've been pretty 
stable for awhile now, but there is always the possibilty of a low, no matter 
how careful you are, and personally, I ALWAYS carry tablets or something with 
me.  My mind is constantly occupied with these thoughts too, when did I last 
eat, what was my bg, what should it be now, in fact right now I'll stop 
typing and test cause I ate a piece of pie an hour ago and guessed on the 

The only times I have not been "on the edge"  of a panic attack was when I 
was doing two shots a day and running 300's, which is not a good trade off.  
The only way I've found to manage the panic is to BE PREPARED.  If it makes 
me feel better to go walking around my block with a meter and tabs, so what?? 
 I just take them with me and I feel SAFE.  Going too low is always an 
immediate concern when we try to hover around 100, of course we are scared, 
but the end result is worth it.

<<and relax more about dealing with diabetes, but do most pumpers out there 
have careers or is diabetes their career??>>  Yes to both.  We have careers, 
and diabetes is also a career.  Not to mention the mommy/wife gig.  I've 
often felt I have two full time jobs, my work to earn a living, and my life 
with dm.  And when I've tried to make dm a part-time effort, I've gotten so 
sick and out of control it wasn't worth the time gained ignoring it.

<>  Oh yes it is pump related.  Makes me feel great to think I'm not the only 
neurotic one <VBG>.  You see. . . . if we're all neurotic, then we'll all 
make our own version of NORMAL together!!!  Let me guess . . . this therapist 
has never seen a bg meter read "lo".

Thanks for sharing your thoughts, made my day!

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