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Re: [IP] Article for Diabetes Interview

I also just got out of the hospital - went in to the ER because of food
poisoning.  I was very sick and dizzy, when the EMS guys came in the one
thing I was clutching onto and brought with me to the ER was my "kit"
(insulin, record book, b/s testing stuff). I was so ill in the hospital, so
busy vomiting etc., but still managed to tell them I was diabetic. Once I
got meds my symptoms greatly reduced, then when I got to my room in the
hospital I informed the nurses that I was diabetic and that I would be
testing and taking my own insulin myself. No-one gave me a hard time,
no-one even tried. I keep a business card of my doc in my kit, which was
helpful - I gave it to nurses so they knew who to call and how to reach
him. After I tested I let them know what my sugar was at, they were fine
with it. I asked for a 3/10 cc needle before I ate, they came well after
breakfast and told me they only had 1/2 cc needle. I had already re-used my
own needle and shot up before breakfast. In the ER, I knew I needed to take
control myself, as I listened to the staff writing down the insulin I take
"regular and ultralentin". Something like that - they clearly had no idea
what insulin was called.  But, all worked out fine.
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