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[IP] Re: useful tips

Jose wrote:

<<#2) An intaken meal at 6AM is different than the exact same one intaken
at6PM -
the carbohydrate ratio problably will be different. If I eat a 22
carbos-yogurt at 6AM
I will need 3 units of Humalog in order to "take care of THIS business",
plus or minus
the difference of my target (99). If I eat the same yogurt at 6PM I will
need 2 units ofHumalog, plus or minus the difference of my target (99).>>

This depends on the person and how they handle glucose in the am.  For
breakfast I need 2u of insulin for every 15g of carb eaten, for dinner it's
only 1u per 15g of carb.  Some folks might not need the extra in the am and
some, like me, might.  Always remember YMMV.

RoseLea and Max... :o)

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