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[IP] Being prepared

As a recent college grad (as in last week), I do not
have a single "career" but have had many more or less
demanding jobs.  My schedules have been erratic and
hetic at best for a long time.  Being organized is the
only way I know if I'm coming, going, or supposted be
where I am now.  :-)  I have ziploc "emergancy" bags
all over the place (the snack size is wonderful).  I
have one in my bedroom, one in my car, one in my
backback, one in my "swim" bag, one in my "look
professional" bag, and one in my bag for my laptop. 
In each bag I have a full sillouette set, an alcohol
wipe, 6 small packages of SweetTarts, and a syringe. 
If I'm not going to have one of these things on me, I
stick it in my pocket (it fits particulary well in the
back pockets of jeans).  On my keychain I have my
FastTake pouch (with FastTake, strips, lancet,
SweetTarts, and syringe).  I also have an
"extended-but-not-that-long" bag that is always ready
to go.  I have a set of batteries, 2 sillouettes, 1
resouvour, a couple lancets, some tape, spare meter,
vial of strips, and a tiny bottle of Purell (I have
the spray from Bath and Body Works that smells good
all over the place, I love the Vanilla Bean!).  If I'm
going to be not by a store for more than about a day,
I double everything, including batteries (thank
goodness for that!  last weekend I was on an overnight
rafting trip, my batteries died in the middle of the
night, changed them and the replacement set was also
dead, changed them again and those were fine).  I
definately don't feel like diabetes rules my life, but
I do have these things on me all of the time.  It
allows me to live as normal as possible.


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