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[IP] donation and useful tips

Hi folks, I am interested in donate two boxes of Sillouette - is anybody

About the questions of carbohydrate ratio posted by some Moms:

#1) Every single pumper needs to know that a "rich in carbohydrate" or/and
"rich in fat" meals will afect the blood sugar within 4-8 hours. This is the
common reason of unexplained raised blood sugar levels.

#2) An intaken meal at 6AM is different than the exact same one intaken at
6PM -
the carbohydrate ratio problably will be different. If I eat a 22
carbos-yogurt at 6AM
I will need 3 units of Humalog in order to "take care of THIS business",
plus or minus
the difference of my target (99). If I eat the same yogurt at 6PM I will
need 2 units of
Humalog, plus or minus the difference of my target (99).

#3) Testing often is a HUGE secret of tigh control - I am used to test 12
and my last HbA1c is 4.8%, with few lows. This result was achieved by
IN TIME when the blood sugar was going up, and not letting it go down, so,
between 70 and 100.

After that, if someone is interested in receiving tow boxes of Sillouette,
let me know.

email @ redacted

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