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Re: [IP] School Truancy Problems


Thanks for the input.  We thought we had Noah's tardinesses covered 
with a letter from his endo stating there will be times, due to 
medical reasons, that Noah will be late for school.  The school had 
said that would be acceptable.  I'm still awaiting someone from the 
school to call me.  I'm confused over whether it is a tardiness or 
absences from school without a doctor's excuse issue or a combo of 
both.  It may be a misunderstanding and something we will be able to 
work out before it goes to a court hearing.  Hope so - we have never 
had any problems before this with the school.  Caught us by surprise. 
At the beginning of each school year we meet with school personnel to 
contract a 504 plan but didn't think to have this covered in it.  We 
will definitely include it in next year's.  Live and learn.

Also, Michael posted for us numerous resources and advice.  We will 
be following up on that.  We have battled our HMO insurance company 
over diabetic supplies, pump issue, etc. and came out victorious in 
each instance.  We look at it as not only being our son's advocates 
but hopefully paving the way for families yet to face these same 
issues so they don't have to fight the same battles.  It's all worth 
it in the end - just a hassle getting there.  I'll keep everyone 
updated on the outcome.  Thanks.

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