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[IP] So called experts

I think most of us have had the experience that if you have diabetes you are
unable to think properly or make judgments about anything. I have,  and like
Sara put it so aptly, we all have "Defective" emblazoned on our foreheads
too. I don't know why but if you are on disability everyone in any
government office talks to you like you can't understand a stream of simple
words nor do they think you can hear. Most pumpers have to be of above
average intelligence to start with and for kids to manage their diabetes
they too must be of superior intellect. So I agree with your attitude
towards Dr Smarty Pants Psychologist. Not only are the kids smart but for
the most part they are able to roll with the punches, and get back up and
keep fighting. Just my analysis (no pun intended) of this problem. If you
really want to see stupidity in action get them together in a conference.

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