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Re: [IP] Article for Diabetes Interview

I just got out of the hospital after being in the whole month before my 
daughter was born.  I personally have had good times and bad.  What saved me 
this time was my binder.  I had a section for my insulin, urine readings inc. 
keytones, and i saved my menus.  I also have an example of how i figure my 
boluses for my pump.  I would take my readings for my blood sugars and then 
write them down.  I have found that a lot of nurses get scared when they find 
out they have to take care of an insulin pump patient do to lack of knowledge 
of the pump.  I try to let them know i do know what i am doing.  I leave the 
book out so they can look at it at any time, I even had a nurse that was so 
scared she asked permission to have another nurse look at the book to make 
sure i was doing it right.  My OB/GYN was great he told them that i did know 
what was going on and that i was to be left alone, meaning i told them my 
boluses and they were to just keep a record of it in hte doctors files.  
    My only problem was the dietitions.  Every three days they would tell me 
i couldn't have something that i had had for  days.  but after six times of 
talking to them they got the picture i know what i was talking about.  I even 
brought my exchange book with me.
    Please feel free to email me for more info
email @ redacted
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