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[IP] Infusion Set sensitivity???

Hi everyone,  I have been pumping for a littile over three months now.  I 
have been using the MM SoftSet infusion sets.  I don't know it this could 
have anything to do with it or not but I am 6 months pregnant.  About the 
past 2 weeks, it seems like every single set causes an infection.  I wore 
them with no problems for three months.  They were very comfortable.  I even 
tried the sils and the micro soft sets.  Same thing.  It is getting very 
frustrating not to mention painful at times. Has anyone else had this happen? 
 Or what can I do about it?  I am having to change the sets outs about evey 
day and a half b/c of the increase in insulin requirements due to the 
pregnancy, so it cant be that I am wearing them to long.  Any advice would be 

Dee Dee
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