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[IP] Pumping and honeymooning????

Has anyone had experience pumping and honeymooning?
Mary was diagnosed at 4 l/2 and is almost 8.  We are scheduled for pump
training on June l3th and then pump the real stuff a week later.  She
has usually required small amounts o insulin-.5U per kg. and her last
AlC was 7.2. She is currently on 5 shots a day.  There has to be a
better way.  We all are hoping that the pump will give her more stable
bg's and more flexibility.  (2 weeks ago the family had l3 games and
practices between soccer and baseball plus the end of the year orchestra

Her endo has never done a C Peptide test on her.  but feels that she is
still producing some insulin but it takes several hours for her body to
begin producing to cover the last meal and it is time for the next one.
One of the goals pumping is to give her very small amounts of  Humalog
rather than trying to use unpredictable NPH to "jumpstart" her body.


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