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Re: [IP] Bone infection

Dear Jan,
I hope you get well as soon as possible. How did you get a bone infection?
If you do an article see how well your diabetes is watched and taken care of..
That would be my concern after watching how terribly lax the medical staff
was with my mom who is not able to speak up for herself. Either my dad or
my sister had to be there to remind them to give mom her insulin before she
ate. She usually got it 2 hours after she ate..what a mess. IV antibiotics
shouldn't be a problem..make sure they know if you have any allergies..and
keep track of your BGs. I am very sorry you have this infection.
Take good care of you and I hope you can post to let us know how you are as
I will be concerned..I haven't heard of antibiotic beads. How long do you
have to stay in the hospital? and do the beads dissolve totally or do they
have to be removed? See- I know nothing about antibiotic beads..hope your
article will cover that good and where can we read about it once you are
through with the procedures? Hospitals can be a boring place and a noisy
place so don't expect too much sleep as once you sleep the nurses tend to
come and and take vitals and wake you up..will you have a private room? If
you like privacy maybe that is the way to go...
Youll be in my prayers and thoughts.
Hope you get well quickly..
email @ redacted

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