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[IP] diabetes and anxiety

Hi all -

Haven't posted anything lately, am currently trying to catch up with all the
e-mail I have (haven't read them in a few days) but I just had to give my .2
cents worth on this subject.  I don't feel my diabetes is my career, but on
the other hand it is a job that I am in charge of, and since it's my job, I
like to be prepared for it and take care of it so I can continue to have a
'job' in the future (does that make any sense?  I guess I'm saying I'd like
to be around for awhile. VBG).  Anyway, I always carry batteries, a complete
site change, and a syringe - it all fits neatly into my huge old fanny pack
that I take everywhere with me (it's one of the ones with a frame in it made
by Kelty, I put all my D-related stuff in the small pocket and then I can
carry around pretty much anything in the huge pocket behind it).  A bottle
of water and a bottle of glucose tabs fit nicely into the water bottle
holders on each side.  I didn't think I would use my site change stuff, but
I did the other day at work, I put a site in my arm that hit a capillary so
it wasn't absorbing right, took me 2 minutes to change and within an hour my
readings were back down to normal.  I was glad to have that with me,
otherwise I would have been up sh%* creek without a paddle. lol   I like
having that sense of security that I'm prepared at all times.  This also
makes an excellent way to carry things around since I ride my bike pretty
much everywhere.

BTW, friends that I e-mail to privately - I'll get back to ya here in the
next few days, as soon as I am caught up with all my reading and what not.

Take care -
Dawn email @ redacted

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