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[IP] Experts and real life with diabetes

Michael wrote:
> I've never been able to understand that line of thinking anyway. Who
> do these so-called-experts think is watching the "exchanges" that
> young kids eat and forcing the unwanted snacks down their throats.

I think it reflects the attitude of medical professionals in general --
when you don't have to LIVE with diabetes, you don't have a clue!

Even some of the most sympathetic ones, who really do care, don't
necessarily know the ins and outs of daily survival in real life --
there is no way for them to know, except to actually listen to their
patients and BELIEVE them.

I have met a few who listen and believe -- I've also met more than a few
who feel threatened by a patient who wants to learn more. 

That's why I'm a member of DUES -- the Diabetic Underground Education
System -- we've paid our dues, and come out better for it!!!

Which actually means I've gotten the bulk of my diabetes education from
other diabetics on the net. The second largest chunk comes from books,
and the smallest fraction from doctors and non-diabetic CDE's. (Mind
you, that chunk IS there, and I do appreciate it!). 

I heard that the AADE is considering a lay certification in diabetic
education -- I'm all for it -- I'd really like to see some recognition
for the folks who really HAVE researched and experimented and found some
good answers, but who don't have a degree in health sciences!

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