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[IP] Re: Diabetes and Anxiety

<parts of original message>
<Some of the "kits" and precautions posted lately are much more
extravagent than I could have imagined in my neurotic world.
And please don't assume I'm being mean or cold here, because I'm just
trying to relate, and relax more about dealing with diabetes, but do
most pumpers out there have careers or is diabetes their career??>

Hi Deanna,

I think it's a fine line being "neurotic" about diabetes and being
adequately prepared for reasonably probable emergencies. For me, I try
to carry glucotabs on me all the time, and also have a bottle (50
count--cheaper!) at work and at home. I don't think that's neurotic,
since I have 5 or so lows a week (some weeks more, some less). I don't
mean lows like 52, but lows like 65-70. It helps me think less about
diabetes if I'm adequately prepared. And when I go away from home, I
take two meters--why? Because once I was 300 miles from home, and my
meter went bad...that was very difficult! So I decided to carry an extra
one in my suitcase. For me, checking my blood sugar many times a day
helps me feel better a greater percentage of the day.

I guess what I'm saying is that it's wise to realize the things that are
1) most likely to happen and 2) most disastrous if they happen, and
prepare for them.

And by the way, I lead a very busy life, and work long hours, etc., and
am probably one of the more productive folks my age (48) I know--not
bragging here, but saying that we as diabetics (and I think most on this
list would qualify here) have learned discipline, hard work, etc.--all
the things that make us responsible in the work place as well. So no,
diabetes is not our "career," but we are foolish to ignore it entirely.
My goal is to have as many productive minutes in the day as possible,
and that comes from taking some of these precautions and testing
multiple times so that a greater percentage of the day I'm feeling well.

Sorry for such a long post, but you raised a good question!  One that we
all struggle with, I'm sure.

Hang in there!


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