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[IP] Micro Sof-Sets falling out

Hello List--

Now that I have been using the Micro sof-set now for 7 weeks, I'm
finding that they tend to become loose on the 3rd day and easily fall
out especially since the hot weather has arrived.  Twice now this week I
went to remove the old tape in order to apply the new when the soft set
popped right out.  I was extremely careful to hold it in place while
removing the old tape and it just came out in both circumstances.  For
all I know it was already out.  [ My new Accu Chek Complete which I only
started using yesterday failed today while at work.  Had no real idea
what BG's were before this occurred ]. I'm thinking the skin around the
insertion is trying to heal and forces it out.  Could this be? The
cannula is so short to start with.  I keep some spare supplies in my
vehicle which includes a Silhouette.  Maybe I should make the switch to
Sil's for the summer.  I'm not ready just yet to blame the tape I am
using.  The ears on the sof set tend to pull away from the skin by the
3rd day.  Is one suppose to remove the old tape or just try to use 2 new
pieces and tape over on both sides?

BTW--Checked when I arrived home.  BG's over 400.  I would say I had a

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