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Re: [IP] Dr. Fran Kaufman's Email Addy

> Her email addy was included in the abstract:
> email @ redacted
> Regards,
> Ellen :-)! 
> (Mother of child who has been pumping just BEAUTIFULLY since age 7.5
> and learned to count carbs, even though the psychologist Wysocki
> didn't think it could be done at that age ROFLOL if it wasn't so
> pathetic!!!!)

I've never been able to understand that line of thinking anyway. Who 
do these so-called-experts think is watching the "exchanges" that 
young kids eat and forcing the unwanted snacks down their throats. 
The kids certainly arenn't going to do it without someone watching 
them, what difference does it make if they have a pump and DON'T 
have to do this stuff???   A bunch of IDIOTS!!!! grrrr..... it makes 
me angry just to think about it !!!

email @ redacted
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