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Re: [IP] Diabetes and Anxiety

>And please don't assume I'm being mean or cold here, because I'm just 
>trying to relate, and relax more about dealing with diabetes, but do most 
>pumpers out there have careers or is diabetes their career??

Personally I think I have two jobs.  One that pays and one that I work my 
*(* off to maintain.  I really believe diabetes is a full time job.  Maybe 
it is easier for some and harder for others, for whatever reasons.  But for 
between testing, dealing with doctor appointments, dealing with insurance, 
maintaining an exercise routine, and the gastro, this to me is a full time 
job.  Am I complaining, no, but give me five minutes.  :-)

>  I don't know if I should be impressed with how far I've made it in my 
> career juggling with how much effort diabetes takes.

Personally i think you should be very impressed!!!!!!  I know I don't give 
myself enough credit.  My other half constantly reminds as well as people I 
run into and just talk too.  Those that truly listen to what I am saying 
and have a heart.  I don't believe it is possible to lead a normal life 
with diabetes, and I will probably get reamed for that, but remember these 
are my feelings and I believe them, so please respect them.  To me there is 
just nothing normal about diabetes.  Granted I don't have a clue what it's 
like without diabetes so I make my statements based on living my entire 
life with a chronic disease.

>  or be angry I've never cared to hope good control was ever possible in 
> my life.

I think you do care or you wouldn't be on this list.  I think you do care 
or you wouldn't be trying to get help.  I think you are probably doing the 
best you can at that time.  Ha, I should listen to myself sometimes.  I 
beat myself up to no end if my bs go out of whack, but duh, it's kind of 
difficult to maintain with gastro and even without, if you know what I 
mean.  My endo I had in WA did not want to give me my A1C results, because 
he feared how I would react if they weren't in the perfect range.

>(Sorry for being philosophical, but I've just spent an hour "on the couch" 
>and I'm still rolling).

I loved your post, so thanks for being philosophical.

IDDM 37 years and knows how weird she is.  :-)

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