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Sounds like you need to be reviewing this with your physician. 
If you do basal testing, do the BGs remain stable? (Possibly difficult with a 
4 yr old)  If you are sure the basal rate is correct, have you tested the 
boluses? If BGs are swinging like crazy, are you correcting the highs too 
much and causing lows, then overtreat a low and also rebound on the high side 
from the liver dumping glucose?
What are his glucose goals?  Is he having a grwoth spurt? Is he having sudden 
bursts of energy that need extra snacks?
I don't need the answers to these questions, but you might need to find them 
out, and again, discuss with the MD. 

Barbara B.

. << Brian is more like
20:80 - about 5 units basal to 20 units bolus - has anyone else
experienced this?  Also- he seems to require about the same amount (or
some days even more) that he used on MDI.  It seems most people have
been able to cut their insulin requirements substantially.  Am I
concerned unduly?  One last thing (for now :)  ) after 6 weeks of
pumping - Brian's numbers were pretty good until we went on vacation.
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