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Re: [IP] Diabetes and Anxiety

At 07:08 PM 06/02/2000 -0400, you wrote:
>Deanna asked:
><<And please don't assume I'm being mean or cold here, because I'm just
>trying to relate, and relax more about dealing with diabetes, but do most
>pumpers out there have careers or is diabetes their career?? >>

While I am trying to work to stay alive I have 2 careers. I am on the board
of CIIN (Chemical Injury Information Network) a non profit organization and
I am founder and CEO of my own organization that trains servcie dogs for
people with disabilities which is also a non profit organization. While I
do these things I am always prepared in regards to coping with anything to
do with my diabetes. I carry sugar items incase I go low..I carry my BG
machine..I carry and extra set of batteries and an extra set-up if I am
gone for a few hours..I take more supplies if we are gone for a few days.
It is important to keep something on you or within your reach so if you go
low you have something to get your BGs up again.
Sometimes if your BGs have been high for a long time they can feel like a
low if they are beginning to be more in the normal range, My body had a
hard time with that low feeling at first so my doc told me how to treat
that feeling..So I don't think it is right for your doc to tell you to stay
away from sugar items and it seems as if you are trying to cope with your
Diabetic low feels like a panic attack..that was how I was diagnosed. But
it wasn't a panic or nervous problem it was a low. If you have any
questions you would like to ask me please feel free to either email me or
chat because I can share alot better that way..
BTW, I have ALOT to fo with both organizations but I do not get paid from
either one. Both are service advocacy organizations and I enjoy what I do.
Volunteering is a career in itself. I used to be a respiratory therapist
but my doc said no more work in that field..then I became a pharmacy tech
which I really liked but then no more work as per Doc order;s..I can do my
work on the computer and write articles and give a few presentations but
this is still a career which I am very very happy with.
Diabetes is something I have and I am learning to work with..it isn't a
career. I also have other bad health problems and if I made them a career i
would not have any life at all except to just worry so I decided I needed
to keep on keeping on and take my life and enjoy what life I have and am
thankful for each day I have. As I said I love what I do..and that is
stress relieving for me :)
Hang in there ok? We are here to listen and help..just yell...
email @ redacted
aol im chat id riverbijou
ICQ# 48743830

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