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RE:[IP] Carrying supplies

It is always a wise idea to carry precriptions for insulin when traveling. In 
most states you don't need a prescription for Regular, but some states 
require one. You will need one for Humalog.
An insulin pen for travel is a good idea.  
The ultralente is also a good idea, but make sure you also have instructions 
from your physician on how and when to use it should you need it. 
Take enough supplies for testing, set changes, ketone strips, glucose tabs or 
Pack and plan to have easy access to all your supplies. Plastic zipper bags 
are handy to pack supplies in. 
Carry an ID card. 
Carry a wallet size card with a record of your current basal rates.  
If you have a pump alarm card or troubleshooting guide take that also. Make 
sure your MDs name and current, legible, phone number is handy.

These suggestions also apply to daily self management.

Happy vacations and travel to all.

Barbara B.
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