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Re: [IP] shelf life of insulin/pen

> but don't you essentially open the end of the cartridge when you
> screw it into the pen contraption?  we have an old B-D pen  (1996) 
> and it seemed as if the insulin becomes exposed to air when you
> insert it into the pen device. maybe the newer ones or other brands
> are different.  this is why I never use the pen as a back up for
> geneva.  because once we insert it,  the insulin is only good for a
> week.

Nothing happens to the insulin. Good medical practice says that an 
open container of insulin is not sterile after a month. There is no 
difference with an open vial of insulin. A hosptial or dr's office 
has to toss them after that time. You can use your own judgement.
The same goes for the "requirement" to change your set every two 
days. This is the "standard" for any IV line or infusion line in a 
hospital / medical setting. It is the recommended maximum, there are 
probably some regulations somewhere about it that requires changing 
an IV line at that frequency. You won't find a medical professional 
anywhere telling you otherwise because it would not be "professional" 
to do so and they could get their a-- in a sling if you did it on 
their advice and had a problem.

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