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Re: [IP] Diabetes and Anxiety

At 04:23 PM 6/2/00 -0400, you wrote:
 >One of the goals just set today was to leave my desk area WITHOUT going
 >through the thought process of what I ate last, how much insulin I took and
 >what the probability of a hypo occuring before I returned, and not taking
 >provisions of lifesavers or money for vending with me at all times.

Hi Deanna,

I can understand your therapist setting a goal for you of not going through 
the process of thinking about what you last ate, etc.  But I think it is 
downright irresponsible of him or her to ask you to make a goal of not 
taking lifesavers or some other source of sugar.  This isn't a good idea 
regardless of how badly- or well-controlled your diabetes is.

One of the rules drilled into my head time and again during all my diabetes 
training was NEVER, EVER to be without a fast source of sugar. Following 
this rule has allowed me not to have to panic about lows.  If I go low, I 
can treat it.  No anxiety necessary.

If I were you I'd seriously reconsider the need for and advisability of 
this goal.

Many on this list do have careers--me included--and some of us have very 
demanding ones, plus homes and families to care for, yet still manage to 
maintain excellent blood sugar levels.  It is possible, just not easy.  But 
then most things worth achieving aren't.



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