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[IP] Diabetes and Anxiety

The recent post on what types of emergency kits people carry around with them is very interesting, and the timing is somewhat ironic for me since I just returned from a visit with a behavioral therapist I've been seeing.

I am currently seeing a psychiatrist in behavioral medicines to learn how to better deal with hypoglycemic fears and panic attacks while I am at work.  I literally can't leave my desk, for any length of time, much less make it through a full hour meeting without panicking that I might go hypo.  I felt these feelings were obsessive and destroying my sense of freedom in life.  One of the goals just set today was to leave my desk area WITHOUT going through the thought process of what I ate last, how much insulin I took and what the probability of a hypo occuring before I returned, and not taking provisions of lifesavers or money for vending with me at all times.  While my history has been erradic control on MDI, I have never, ever experienced a low where I needed help, or ever had DKA despite repeated and consistent #'s over 300.

Some of the "kits" and precautions posted lately are much more extravagent than I could have imagined in my neurotic world.  WITH the exception of those who have little ones.  Children with diabetes are such a moving target, I myself would probably be prepared for a world disaster at all times as well!

And please don't assume I'm being mean or cold here, because I'm just trying to relate, and relax more about dealing with diabetes, but do most pumpers out there have careers or is diabetes their career??  I don't know if I should be impressed with how far I've made it in my career juggling with how much effort diabetes takes, or be angry I've never cared to hope good control was ever possible in my life.

(Sorry for being philosophical, but I've just spent an hour "on the couch" and I'm still rolling).  I also realized this is not pump related!

DM 18 yrs

(trying to figure out how "weird" she really is...hmmmm)

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