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Re: [IP] the pump is a machine and I am human

Mark: I surely know exactly how you feel!  I too thought that the pump would 
be the panacea and I would have perfect bg's and A1C's.  Wrong!  I am coming 
up on my 1st anniversary on the pump on June 6th.  It has taken me at least 6 
mos to be able to say, I'm glad I did it.  Was I disappointed and let down, 
you bet I was.
Now, 1 yr. later I can unequivocally say, I love my pump and I am so very 
happy I did not pitch it in the trash the many times I wanted to.  I have 
total freedom now.  I do not need to eat at a certain time, I can skip meals 
if I want to, I can "pig out" when I want to, (no wonder I am fat! lol).
I am proud to wear the pump not only for all the right reasons but I can see 
more respect from those who realize I am going the extra mile to be a 
healthier person.  Hang in there Mark, it is not the perfect answer but 
certainly much better than MDI's, mixing insulins and keeping track of the 
time for meals etc.  Please give yourself some time.  It will work for you 
but it takes work from you for a while also.  Oh, one of the BEST things 
about the pump............I rarely have insulin reactions day or night.  This 
is so good cause you know what it is like to be at 32!  I am so happy to be 
in better control!  Not perfect but much better.Jackie P
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