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[IP] Re: SEX and Posting

I hope everyone had their Spam filters turned off for that Subject line. I 
just wanted to remind everyone of SOME of the guidelines that apply to 
membership on this list.  Please read the COMPLETE list at:

"8. Make SURE you turn HTML off in your mailer, it turns into garbage 
in the digest and in many people's mail programs. If you need 
assistance doing this, contact HELP@insulin-pumpers.org "  

Always use PLAIN TEXT for posts to the list.

"11.  Spamming is strictly prohibited on the Insulin-Pumpers list. 
Do not send chain letters, get rich quick schemes, or other spam 
mail to the list. Your privileges will be revoked."  

This also means if you have a joke or heard a story that you just have to 
share, don't send it to the list, and be sure that you have someones 
permission before you send it to them.

"12.  Mining of the mail list for e-mail addresses or redirection of 
list messages to other forums is prohibited without express 

This is a "closed list", which means we try to protect everyones privacy 
and confidentiality.  Anyone using addresses from this list without a  
persons express permission is subject to REMOVAL from the list.

SEX, as in relation to a diabetics life, is a topic for discussion on this 
list. But let's be aware that this list has members of diverse 
backgrounds and ages.  Please use appropriate language!     :>)  

Thank you and Happy Pumping and Posting!

George Lovelace
IP Admin

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