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Re: [IP] Basal:Bolus Ratio

   Just a guess, but pre-pump, I was speaking to some moms of pre-adolescent 
girls who seemed to be taking a lot less insulin than Melissa. Someone 
suggested she might be "overinsulinized" & although I thought it was crazy to 
reduce her insulin when she was having high bgs, it DID work surprisingly. 
When she switched to her pump, she was able to reduce it even further.
   As for a 50/50 ration basal/bolus, I "thought" Melissa was using about 20 
units basals & about 20 units bolus =40 units daily x 7 days = 280 uits per 
week (one full syringe)
   Just goes to show how little "pump-mom" actually knows. She came home from 
her latest CDE appt. saying that Gary, her CDE, told her that she'd be more 
likely to lose the 6 or 7 lbs she's gained IF her ratios are more closely 
matched (and obviously less carbs are consumed), instead of her bolus being 
more like 35-40 units per day!!! So much for me thinking the reservoir lasted 
7 days! And considering she doesn't even eat breakfast, that's more "grazing" 
than I'd realized she'd been doing.
Regards, Renee 
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