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Re: [IP] Tape allergies

<Any  suggestions would be greatly appreciated...Is there anyone out there
 paper tape?  If so, how do you keep the infusion set stuck in you?  Thanks
a  lot.>


What kind of sets are you using? Someone else on here might be better
qualified to say whether there seems to be any difference among sets as far
as the actual tape that's already on there sticking, but I have had no
problem with sets coming loose at all, without anything extra.  I use
Tenders (same as Sils/Comforts, if I'm remembering right), & I too have that
wonderful "psycho-sensitive" redhead skin.  When I first joined the list, I
was really baffled by all the references to using layers of this or that
kind of tape/prep to set up...I pretty much clean the spot w/ soap & water,
let it dry, & insert.  I don't know if there is actually any difference
between say the Tenders & Rapids, or even Classics (Disetronic terminology)
in type or effectiveness of adhesive...but if you're having a lot of trouble
staying taped, that's something you might look into.

Best of Luck!
Dx 12-27-85, Pumping 8-23-99

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