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Re: [IP] Basal:Bolus Ratio

alisha uses about the same mdi dose as pumping depending on  foods she eats.

her basal total is 26.8 and she took nph of 29 am and 18 pm plus any humalog 
for high bs's before dx and boluses around 20-40 more during the day

her basal is 1.2 from 5am to 12 am and .8 from 12am to 5 am. 1 unit per 15 
carbs and 1 unit per 100 over 100 correction bolus.

i was thinking she used a lot more insulin now than before but i am wrong now 
that i typed out the numbers.

her total daily usage varies from 39.8 to 55 units

mom to 
Maria 21 graduating college this year
Jonathan 15  adhd and bipolar
Veronica 14 my helping hand
Alisha 10  add dx 2-2-98 pumping since 1-6-00
and grandma to
Paige 2 1/2 my little sunshine
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