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Re: [IP] the pump is a machine and I am human

At 02:09 AM 06/02/2000 -0400, you wrote:
>Dear Mark,
>I have found I can't live my life with what if's. I debated until it was
>almost to late to decide to take immunosuppression medications because I
>did all the "what ifs". Now that I am on it I am feeling better. I also did
>that with my pain medication..what if my body got used to it?
>Well I took it and am pain free and as a result my BGs are finally where
>they are suppose to be. I also did what if's regarding using a wheelchair
>and when I did use it I found out it saved my energy for other things now a
>beautiful power chair is being made for me and what if I never trained
>service dogs for people and myself? I would have missed out on alot of
>blessings and seeing miracles..
>Mark- go for what works for you..and make the best of it and don't live in
>the what if's because they don't come true..and that is living in fear and
>I don't believe we have been given the Spirit of fear...Should an
>opportunity would arise for me to have a chance to have a bone marrow
>transplant which I turned down once I would do it now. I played that what
>if  when it came to the transplant and I was the one who lost when I said "no"
>Live the life that is best for you because we only have one life to
>live..this isn't a dress rehearsal...and go by your gut instinct and
>btw..pumping doesn't work out for everyone so don't feel bad about that
>either :)
>I went really on a downer when I turned down humalog..It was wrong for me
>to use it..but now I am happy I went with what I knew because I am allergic
>to one of it's preservatives and my endo was really thankful I told him
>about that because I could have become very ill and could have ended up in
>a severe allergic reaction/shock
>So do what you believe is best for you and don't feel bad about anything
>ok? I feel about the pump alot like you do at times..I am human..and I wish
>it could do a better job for me but there are circumstances I have to deal
>with and I doubt I will ever have an A1C under 8 but it is ok with my endo
>and with me..By doing what is best for you the stress really goes away :)
>thanks for letting me share:)
>email @ redacted
>aol IM chat ID riverbijou
>ICQ# 48743830
>At 12:10 AM 06/02/2000 -0400, you wrote:
> >Mark wrote:
> >  The pump doesnt seem to be doing the expected blood sugar
> > control i thought it would.

What a thoughtful and insiteful letter of encouragement for Mark. I thank 
you too as I know he will.

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for HELP or to subscribe/unsubscribe, contact: HELP@insulin-pumpers.org
send a DONATION http://www.Insulin-Pumpers.org/donate.shtml