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[IP] brian's whacko vacation numbers

I wouldn't be overly concerne about how much basal vs. bolus insulin that
brian takes.  he is a growing kid and we are finding that the growth hormone
sometimes makes for unexplainable highs and lows and uneven rides.

re: vacation...

I remember that when we went on our first vacation on the pump,  geneva, age
10 then,  was also very high at times and then low.

we discovered the following:

she was always really high if we drove.  she would sit in the car and of
course eat and eat and eat like they all do.  this with the lack of exercise
cause numbers in the 400's.
then...we would correct, over correct, etc.  and get to hotel and she would
then get really active.  swimming, running, etc.  this would cause her lows.

so now we are prepared for extra insulin while in the car and then she puts
her self on a lower temp basal when running around on vacation.

this helped immensely.

also...perhaps your carb ratios are not quite right. are you checking  2-3
hours after eating to see if within a decent range?  our endo suggested
between 140-170  BG  @ 2 hour postprandial.  we usually correct to 120 at
the 3rd hour.  YMMV>    if there is a sudden crash an hour after eating,
that would imply to me that the carb ratio is set incorrectly.

for what it's worth...

geneva's mom, age 11

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